Daewoo - Andy Bairsto
Did anybody read that the factory had ceased production because nobody will supply them parts.They have no money to pay any bills and all the production staff have been laid off.What price a new Daewoo?
Re: Daewoo - Richard Hall
I had heard they were in trouble but didn't realise it had got that bad. Any idea what has happened to the design company they bought down on the south coast?

Presumably if my Daewoo video recorder breaks, I won't be able to get any parts for that either.
Re: Daewoo - mike harvey
I have a friend who works for Daewoo in parts, and he says there are great difficulties too, though they manage to get most parts. Daewoo are selling many sites which they own, raising some capital, and moving down the dealer/franchise route they wanted to avoid. Should end up keeping them in business though.
Re: Daewoo - Tomo
In Dundee Arnold Clark has taken over Daewoo from the Halfords annexe. On whether that might be an improvement I will not comment without legal advice! However, it very strongly suggests that Daewoo is still reckoned to be an earner.

We had two. Heather found them very comfortable, but they were not driver's cars, to me. Though the head saleman in the Proton Agency (also Skoda) ran about in our Leganza for a while after trade-in, and presumably he had a choice. If you are seeking a cheap half-decent second hand car, they are worth a look, in my opinion.

Apart from this alleged fraud, the factory suffered from what sounded very like traditional UK union problems - thus carrying cribbing from GM a bit too far?
Re: Daewoo - ladas are slow
the dealer in north shields are selling the matiz from £3895, but i dont know about the rest of the range.
Re: Daewoo - ian (cape town)
They took a kicking (along with Hyundai) on this side of the world recently.
The owner, as you know, was involved in a huge business fraud, and the talk of production lines closing has been around since about march.
I'm sure the price (new or used) will fall through the floor, but it might be worth buying, as I'm sure the Korean pirate parts mob will be leaping on the bandwagon, producing spares very soon.
Re: Daewoo - Honest John
A very smart 81,000 mile 98S Daewoo Leganza 2.0SX sold for £2,175 at auction today. But some silly punter went and bid a 37,000 mile 98S Lanos 1.4SE 5-door to a crazy £3,125.

Re: Daewoo - Mike B
Oh Dear - I had my eye on a 28" Nicam Daewoo TV for £ 200 in the BIG W - think I'll look for another make now
Re: Daewoo - Kev
Is it all of Daewoo falling apart or is it just the motor divistion?

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