Hyundai s-coupe - andy sampson
How much should I pay a garage for a 96N Hyundai 1.5 s-coupe MVI SE with 38k on the clock and in good nick??, My missus has set her heart on it but I think the asking price of £2999 is way too much??, What should I offer and what is the best tactic to barter with a car salesman (Im ok at getting money off private sales but never seem to get anywhere with salesman!!)


Thanks in advance
Re: Hyundai s-coupe - richard price
no idea about values although you might like to look in the parkers guide or type in to a uk search engine like ask jeeves " second hand car values" and get some idea of the trade/retail prices, as for bartering when he says it has only done 38K explain to him that short shopping/school runs actualy have the potential to increase engine wear as the car never reaches optimum temperature and the oil degenerates much earlier (unless of course theire is proof of oil changes between services which of course should be fully stamped plus invoices to support) point out every body work fault, wheels scuffed, interior marks, tyres, and have it independantly checked out. He will want to sell it before Christmas, some profit better than none.
Re: Hyundai s-coupe - Tony
If you want it buy it,because if its any good it will be gone very soon in the new year and probably very close to the asking price and then there will be tears.
Re: Hyundai s-coupe - Mike B
These are very rare but wouldn't say particularly desirable so Persuade your Mrs that she'd be better off with a nice VW Corrado - these have stopped depreciating now so would be better long -term buy and the insurance won't cost any more. You should find a decent H-J reg one for 3 grand
Re: Hyundai s-coupe - Phil

According to Parkers that is a bit much. Offer 2.5k and see what he says - remember this is the slowest time of the year for them.
Re: Hyundai s-coupe - Andy Bairsto
I doubt it would fetch a grand at auction
Re: Hyundai s-coupe - Tony
World of difference between buying at auction and retail sale,like chalk and cheese.
Re: Hyundai s-coupe - Honest John
It's SIX years old. Could try offering the trader £2k in CASH next week, just in time for him to buy his Christmas presents. If you don't get it for £2k, nothing lost apart from your marriage.


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