Renault Twingo - D.J.F. Carr
Does anybody still do RHD conversions for the Renault Twingo?
Re: Renault Twingo - ladas are slow
when i was looking to buy a twingo, i found that was very helpful, they have cars for sale, insurance, service packs, and all other things to do with twingo's.
Re: Renault Twingo - Andy Bairsto
Why not buy a lhd and save thousands ,local driving and in town lhd is diffferent to rhd.
Re: Renault Twingo - Moosh
Is there an insurance surcharge for LHD?
Re: Renault Twingo - ladas are slow
its also easier to park a lhd car in this country (i once borrowed a lhd toyota corolla off a friend)
Re: Renault Twingo - Moosh
Driving a LHD has one major drawback;
Lack of vision when overtaking!
Re: Renault Twingo - ladas are slow
just undertake ;-)
Re: Renault Twingo - Honest John
No one ever did do a successful RHD conversion to the Twingo. It was tried using a similar arrangement to the old RHD converted Jeeps but the conversion failed.


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