What happened next..? - Peter M.
You've all probably been in the situation where you witness something happening as you drive along, and never see how it turns out.
A couple of years ago on my way to work I was driving in slow-moving traffic near my home. The vehicle in front of me was a builder's Transit van full of workmen, most of them having sandwiches and a cup of tea. As the traffic passed the entrance to a garage, a car coming from the opposite direction suddenly cut across in front of the van without signalling, and pulled into the garage forecourt. The van had to jam on its brakes, and all the men in the back of the van disappeared on to the floor, together with their tea..
The van then swung 'round into the garage and screeched to a halt in front of the offending driver, who was undoing his petrol cap. The van doors opened to disgorge a bunch of seriously annoyed gentlemen.
At this point the traffic moved on and I never discovered what happened. As there was no report of assault in the local paper, I assume that the bloke just had a fright..
Any other similar happenings to relate?
Re: What happened next..? - Phil
Good story lol.
What happened before..? - Mark (Brazil)
Years ago, coming out of Langley, on the A4 early one weekend morning, I passed an accident scene.

Loads of police and firemen peering up into a tree and scratching their heads.

Next to the road was a large tree which split into two main brances about 20ft above the ground. Wedged into that "Y" was a seemingly otherwise undamaged Escort.

The fence, wooden and about 6ft running between the tree and the road was undamaged. At a traffic light controlled junction, not a particularly fast piece of road, nothing that looked like it could have been used as a ramp.

I always wondered how it got there and how the people got out, given that the doors were jammed by the tree limbs.
Re: What happened before..? - David Millar
Travelling to Oxford on the A43 a few years ago I was fifth or sixth car pulling up at traffic lights. A very large and very tall US serviceman (we were close to Upper Heyford airbase) got out of the second car in the queue and strolled up to the front car, opened the driver's door pulled the driver out with one hand and knocked him out cold with the other. He walked back to his car, got in, and drove round the obstruction when the lights went green. We decided to go immediately left round a shortcut to avoid the crowd which now started to form. However, I have often wondered what caused this road rage and never saw any report of an assault case in the local paper. I think the shock of seeing a 'normal' looking guy behind the wheel turning into a 6ft 9in or so giant would have been enough to make me feign unconsciousness!


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