Don't Try This At Home.. - Andy P
When I first got my Accord (2000W), I was rather disappointed to find that it only had one rear fog light (even my old Cavalier had two).

A quick look around the rear light cluster on the nearside showed that all the holes where there, only the bulb holder was missing. So, off I went to my Honda dealer and got the right holder, wired it in parallel with the existing lamp and lo and behold - TWO fog lights.

BUT, after having used them today for the first time in anger, they won't switch off! It's not the switch (removing it makes no difference), so at the moment I have removed the fuse.

Moral: don't mess with the electrics of any modern car unless you know what you're doing.


(PS Any Honda experts out there tell me where the problem might be?)
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Stu
Havn't got a clue how to fix the problem but can tell you that there are only supposed to be single fog lights to the rear of vehicles today. Something to do with two being confused with brake lights etc.
You must have too much time on your hands..................................
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - markymarkn
my dad and I did a similar thing to a new 309 my mum had once.

All it needed was the bulb putting in!

didnt have any problems like you mention, but after all it was only a 309.
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Pete
You may need to check Construction and Use regs but I am pretty sure that the earlier reply re only one fog light (off side) and 2 being confused with brake lights is correct. Good Luck
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Anthony Farrar
Single fogs have always bothered me - 'cos if you are driving in Europe, a French truck driver might see one light close the curb, think it is a moped or something similar and drive over the top of you. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Andrew Hamilton
If removing the switch makes no difference, suggests the switch operates a relay which has stuck on. Bit surprised if this is so, as most relays just burn out eventually if excess current passed through. Also car relays I have used tend to allow up to 16A or 190W so these would be alright. Wonder if you have damaged a wire somewhere?
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - FfwlCymraeg
Take the bulb out?

Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Mark (Brazil)
Any chance you got your earth and your positive mixed on one side ?


I had a car once that didn't use a direct switch, it used some kind of low current switch on to a higher current solenoid. If this is the case with yours, then if the solenoid is stuck, it isn't going to make much odds what you do with the switch.

Find the solenoid and either remove it, replace it or give it a bloody good thump.
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Pete Williams
Probably welded the relay contacts together due to excess current. Similar process is used to weld electronic parts together, a job I did once. A good thump will probably switch them off then upgrade the relay. Does seem a bit strange though as there should be a good safety factor involved.
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - pugugly
Quite right the law requires only 1 rear fog lamp (on the offside), most makers fit two - perhaps that economies of scale apply and the unit cost of the extra lamp is about .0003p and it costs .0004p to omit it. I would like to think that Vauxhall et al imagine that their customers pop over the water now and again where offside sudenly becomes the nearside and that your car's fog lamp may become illegal (if only one is fitted).
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Brian
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - john fitton
I nearly drove into the back of a car while concertinering my way up the dark foggy M1 - couldn't understand why I'd been taken by surprise, until I realised I could hardly tell when the brakelights came on owing to the glare of the adjacent foglights which were actually brighter than the brakelights. I think it was a ford of some sort.

All cars from decent German manufacturers have , very sensibly, a single foglamp. If you want a shunt up the rear by all means fit another, but it seems a pretty stupid idea to me - the car designers who fit two need to go back to school!
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Brian
There's nothing wrong with having two, provided there is a decent separatiom between the brakes and fogs.
In fact, I prefer two because a duff bulb in one does not leave you exposed.
Re: Don't Try This At Home.. - Andrew Smith
I prefer the design where the fog lamps are the same as the running lights only brighter and the brake lights are separate from both. I think the Sierra configured things this way, at least until the PCB's in the lights corroded and all the lights come on or short together.

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