Recurring Wheel Bearing issue Fiesta - Steveo4869
Hi all,
I have replaced the passenger side wheel bearing twice in as many weeks on my MK 3 Fiesta XR2i 1991 1.6 and it has started to groan again after only one day on the car and a short motorway run.

I removed the hub/carrier from the car and got 2 different local garages to fit the bearing for me (1st one even put the hub back for me on the car).

Everything is ok until a drive on the motorway or similar for about 10 min and then the groaning noise returns with vibration in sync with the noise.

Am I missing something here or could the hub be damaged and is it worth getting one from a scrappie? I have also changed the outer CV joint on the side concerned.
Any Thoughts please
Many Thanks
Recurring Wheel Bearing issue Fiesta - Steveo4869
Sorry should have said Front wheel bearing.
Recurring Wheel Bearing issue Fiesta - Wales Forester

Recurring Wheel Bearing issue Fiesta - Crinkly Dave
Like Peterperfect says, first check it is the bearing and not something else. This is not straightforward though

I am not familar with the set-up on this particular car, but most front wheel drive vehicles require the driveshaft nut to be tightened up to a high torque. Are you sure this was done?

How was the bearing inserted. Should be pressed in on the outer race, not the inner (to avoid damage to the bearing surface)

Failing this, I am afraid it is a question of stripping it down again and looking for signs of fretting or damage to the hub.
Recurring Wheel Bearing issue Fiesta - Civic8
Sounds more like driveshaft out of balance.Or inner CV joint.Check for any excessive play in shaft to CV/CV to diff/gearbox.I may be wrong but sounds in that area?

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