Fiesta 1.25 misfire - Simon Pickering
I have a 40,000 mile 1998 Fiesta 1.25 LX which has developed a bad misfire at low speed, when moving in traffic or pulling round a corner in low gears. It seems fine on the motorway. The plugs were replaced 15,000 miles ago with Motorcraft platinum and the original HT leads are still fitted. Do you think it may be poor quality leads which need replacing? I think it could be an air leak or very weak mixture causing the 'kangaroo' effect at low speed. Either way I need to get it sorted out as I am worried about cat damage through the misfiring.
Re: Fiesta 1.25 misfire - Honest John
Could easily be leads. Ford dealers routinely replace these at 30,000 miles these days. They cost about £30 which is a lot less than a set of Vauxhall leads.

Fiesta 1.25 misfire - David Lacey
Vauxhall Tigra 1.6 Ecotec (yuk) HT leads = £105.00!!


Re: Fiesta 1.25 misfire - PhiL P
Similar thing happened to my '96 1.4 Fiesta back in 2000 at 70k miles, change of the spark plugs and HT leads cured it.

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