Gtatso flambe - Slartibartfast
Anybody hear the radio news the other night. One of the Yorkshire Forces is investigating the wanton destruction of Speed cams. Apparantly this henious crime is manifested by the ramming and or torching of at least six in the Darlington area. Anybody else hear this ? (or was it a dream ?)
Re: Gtatso flambe - Honest John
That's a bit strange because the chief constable of North Yorkshore told me they don't have any speed cameras. Perhaps Darlington is in Cleveland.

Re: Gatso flambe - Darcy Kitchin
Dalington is categorically in Co Durham, not North Yorkshire or Cleveland.
Re: Gatso flambe - Darcy Kitchin
and Darlington as well ...
Re: Gatso flambe - crazed idiot
yea but clevland police cover that area, as nothumbria police cover lots of tyne and wear and county durham...

police force areas have a geography all of their own...
Re: Gtatso flambe - crazed idiot
bbc reported it as in yorkshire, but didnt say where...

darlington is in clevland if its the same incidents
Re: Gtatso flambe - Slartibartfast
I was unsure of the location, but sure it was one of the Yorks Police area and am almost certain that it was Darlington or maybe the Darlington road....I was being driven home and the driver was talking, consequently I was multitasking, but it was the PM programme on R4 on Thursday night.
Re: Gtatso flambe - Simon Butterworth
Think it was West Yorks, somewhere in the Cleckhuddersfax area!!.
Re: Gatso flambe - peter charnley
I heard tonight it was in my town - Huddersfield Hip hip hooray!

Re: Gatso flambe - Brian
One was torched in Chelmsford, Essex a few weeks back.
Re: Gatso flambe - Nipsy
I have heard that a favorite is to give then a tyre necklace fill with a flamable liquid light and retire to a safe distance.
Re: Gatso flambe - AFM
I thought that this might be the government policy of making the cameras more visible.

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