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All Your Base Are Belong to Us :-] - Piers Green
he He HE

Just look at this:

And they still talk about motoring in the 21st Century.

What an oxymoron.

They never even knew what hit them!
Re: All Your Base Are Belong to Us :-] - IO
I've seen that before Piers, and it's one of the reasons I get so wound up.

Is it any wonder we are losing a fighting battle ! : - (
Re: All Your Base Are Belong to Us :-] - N Hayes
I, too, despair: they worm their way into our councils, but to have got in there!

Truly unbelievable!!
Re: Counter Attack :-[ - A. Piers Green
Cunning, very cunning............the motorists strike back with a cleverly infiltrated plant:

But we'll be back!


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