Blackbushe Auctions - Duncan Beaumont
If Blackbushe auctions on a Friday is the dearest, well ok, we now know where and when to go to sell. Where is the cheapest - within a reasonable drive of Surrey/M25 and when?
Re: Blackbushe Auctions - T lucas
Kobe City Motor Auction Japan pretty good prices,but in the UK if you want really low prices maybe stay away from the big auction groups,but there will be other dangers buying away from their safer enviorment.Lowest prices seem to be when there are fewer private punters[end users] but if an auction consistanly achieves lower sale prices then there will be fewer entries.There can be some very good value cars at somewhere like Blackbushe but you have to work for the deal and spend maybe a lot of time to find that one special bargain for you.It may come in very early or very late,it may have been through many times or that very cheap car may just be a pile of junk waiting for its next victim.Be very careful.
Re: Blackbushe Auctions - TG
Any idea how a private punter can look at the auction lists online? Seems to be resticted to the trade.
Only other alternative is to spend about 10 minutes (at £1/min) with their fax back service

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