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N Hayes
Re: - ladas are slow
its good to see that you are fighting back. my local council has made the entire town centre a pedestrian area, and the streets that remain are one way.

the reason that i tell you this, is because my local council said something that your council is saying "we will make sure that the public have somewhere to park". the solution was a multi story car park, which nobody uses, as its not free, and your car sometimes gets broken into.
Re: - crazed idiot
hey well done, can you start a page for reading and wokingham councils also ?
Re: - Roger Jones
When I visited your site, a download started up automatically, so I quit quickly and shan't return.
Re: Download, what download !:-] - Piers Green
Nearly stopped me looking!

Nearly, but not quite :-]

And guess what - no download: very clever ploy (I'll have to remember that one and pass it round my team. Once I've sorted those little englander shopkeepers out!
Re: Download, what download !:-] - Andrew Hamilton
Wow, a really colourful protest! Hope you succeed in shaming the council. Colchester reduced the high street width to 1 lane with acres of space unused by anyone. The cost was huge and buses are held up in queues because traffic lights deliberately on red most of the time.
Re: Download, what download !:-] - bert fegg
maybe we should start a nationwide CGM site?

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