Dunlop sp sport tyres - d jones
I also have a problem with these tyres on a BMW 5 series. They wear unevenly with high spots on the tread and pull the car all over the place. BMW acknowledge mechanics acknowledge the fact that these tyres are poor ( and expensive) but i would have to change the wheels on my car ! I have had my car tested with a full geometry test and it's revealed nothing and so one has to conclude these tyres are the problem. It is noticeable that for the first 1000miles the problem is much less. I didn't get anywhere with Dunlop either.

D T Jones
Re: Dunlop sp sport tyres - Chris Dixon
I read your message with interest, I have a BMW 528i which I've always reckoned doesn't quite ride right and suffers from steering shudder and vibration on certain surfaces at certain ambient temperatures.

I've got 225/60R15 SP2000s on the rear and Uniroyal Rallye 440s on the front at the moment.

Anyone else had this problem on a 5 and fixed it by changing tyres or other means?

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