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Demand for Citroen TD's over East Anglia - Paul Robinson
Any news from the auctions on this subject?
Re: Demand for Citroen TD's over East Anglia - Stuart B
Damn, forgot to invest in TD futures. ;-)
Re: Demand for Citroen TD's over East Anglia - David W
Funny things auctions.

I know my way around cars, I have a well honed gut feeling about good/bad ones, I know how "the business" works but I still don't really take to auctions.

The amount of cars there reduces that much worshipped object of desire to a mere consumable commodity. No chance to inspect really and there is that lingering doubt that one in ten might have some expensive problem waiting to pounce in a month or two.

For once (?) I agree with Tony Lucas when he commented that you need to look at the auction thing as a frequency risk, fine for the trader but the private purchaser looking for their own car to last the next two years is far less able to stand a wrong 'un.

I'm happy to take the risk, somewhat on behalf of a buyer, with a Citroen TD because I know them so well and have good sources for spares and tech help/info. With other makes and also petrol ecu/cat/efi/abs/airbag cars it is a different matter, the luck of the draw would play a large part.

Having said that last week, before the purchase could proceed, there were about 15 suitable cars (P & R reg medium hatches, some diesel) under £3K. Only one Citroen TD though. Yesterday the sale had a few misc BCA cars, a huge Vauxhall finance disposal, a similar VAG finance disposal and a mouth watering display of newish Mercedes from Mercedes themselves (also fleet/lease/finance?).

The Vauxhalls were of no interest and mostly petrol anyway, VAG cars too expensive for the value deal we needed. Didn't bother to stay for the Mercedes.

On the way back called in at the main Citroen dealers on the chance they might have a high miles trade sale. What a crack. They seemed unable (as has happened before) to grasp the concept of selling a car to a chap with cash who could decide in ten minutes, pay and drive it away.

No you would have to pass the time of day, suffer machine coffee, take out a bit of finance....the whole package or on your way sir!

I was tempted to sneak out with the cardboard Claudia Schiffer though.

Oh yes a last point about the auction. Next week they have the ultimate pressure washer for sale........ex RAF Whittering Range Rover fire crash tenders, you know the six-wheelers with that great roof mounted hose nozzle.

Bet that'd clean the patio off!

'Trade' sales - John S

Funny you should mention that about main dealers.

Looking for a used Corsa a couple of years back, I thought I'd try the big local dealers and see what trade-ins might be available - looking for something that wouldn't be Network Q forecourt material (or Network Q price!).

Happy to check it out and decide fairly quickly - as one would with a private buy, and buy as seen without a warranty.

Absolutely no response at all. Didn't seem to understand the concept.

Ended up getting a car via the classifieds.

Is this typical I wonder?


Re: 'Trade' sales - Moosh
Most dealers are very afraid of being taken to court if the 'cheap car' the sell turns out to be a lemon and so ruin their reputation.
If the purchaser is not a bonefide trader then the dealer is still liable.
The courts would treat the purchaser as a private buyer.
It seems not to matter what is said or signed at the time.
Re: 'Trade' sales - Tony
It really is a problem today that people will agree to a trade sale,sign an agreement that there is no warranty and then when there is a problem they will come back whinging and then even resort to law.As a dealer its just not worth the risk/aggro,we always sell on to trade or via the block and we are not the only ones.
Re: Demand for Citroen TD's over East Anglia - Dan J
Seems to depend on dealer - All I know bar one share the attitude that if you ain't buying a new or "approved used" car then the door is that way sonny and you can pick up a copy of Loot down the road. I went round all the dealers a few years back when looking for a banger. I asked one guy (I think from a Citroen dealer as it happens) why they were so unkeen to offload their old p/x's onto someone willing to take one straight off their hands - answer, they were concerned about damage to their image/reputation if something went wrong, even though I repeatedly stated I would be purchasing "sold as seen". He also said "kinda off the record" that the manufacturer frowned upon the activity and had warned the dealers against doing it, only to ever shift p/x's through the traders. I suppose if many of the salesmen are used to this procedure or unfamiliar with the "rules" then someone coming along and surprising them with such a request is highly likely to meet with blank face.

Still, Grasmere Vauxhall in Crewe will quite happily sell you any of the cars they have in in p/x so perhaps it is down to manufacturer's rules as to whether garage may or may not do this?

Re: Demand for Citroen TD's over East Anglia - Ian Cook
Oh 'eck, David

If people get the idea that Citroen TDs are scarce then the pond life will start pinching them in Gloucestershire and spiriting them to the fens under cover of darkness. I can imagine that - a bit like the sheep rustling in the Wallace and Grommit film.

Auction Alternatives - Paul Robinson
When I was recently looking for an ex-fleet car, my first port of call was the auctions and I felt exactly the same as you David.

The alternative I took was to tell various employed family, friends and contacts what I was looking for and asked them to enquire if their employers were disposing of anything similar.

It gave me the opportunity to inspect possible cars in much more detail, with the benefit of more comprehensive vehicle history. It took more effort and patience than an auction buy, but reduced the risks for the same purchase price.

Good luck with your search, let us know about progress.


Paul R
Re: 'Trade' sales - Dave N
The dealer is still liable under the sale of goods act, regardless of what is said or signed.
Re: Auction Alternatives - ian
What about an auction buyer such as those recommended by HJ, I guess there is still the risk they could buy a lemon, does anybody know what back up they offer, or is it just a case of access and expertise in many of the sales the ordinary man off the street can't enter. Ian

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