Fiesta 2004 1.4 Coolant level - smoke
My 2004 fiesta has done 7000 miles, and when doing the routine checks i noted that the oil and coolant level were approaching min.
I can understand oil levels going down on a new car since it is being run in, and hence i have topped this up. But a low coolant level concerns me slightly. Should i take the car back to ford to have the system pressure checked for leaks, or is it normal for a car to use some coolant (none of my last cars have ever had a drop in coolant level which is why i am asking).
Thanks for any help
Fiesta 2004 1.4 Coolant level - Civic8
All cars use a certain amount.When you say routine checks.Do you mean weekly/monthly..Just I find it strange its only just been noticed..Regular checks would have showed this up pretty early..Unless its a sudden occurence?
Fiesta 2004 1.4 Coolant level - Ford Dagenham

The car may not had used any water.

There could of been air in the system that found its way to the expansion tank.

Therefore lowering the amount of water in the expansion tank.

Iam only suggesting this because the car is new.
(iam not a mechanic)

Martin Winters
Fiesta 2004 1.4 Coolant level - smoke
Many thanks for the replys Steve and Martin.
i tend to check the oil and fluids every 2 weeks or so when i wash the car since i only tend to do 200 miles every two weeks when i am at uni (mostly a couple of long journeys since i only use the car at weekends). But i have been really busy over the christmas period with a fair bit of driving (1000 miles) and also uni exams, and so i have not had the time over the last month and a half.
With the oil i have noticed it reducing slightly since i have owned the car, but not to the level of needing at top up until this weekend (with the level a few mm below the halfway point of max and min with a cold engine)
The coolant on the other hand has dropped a few mm below midpoint on a cold engine, and i have not noticed this before. Would any air not have shown up in the previous 6000 miles.
Do you think i should take the car back to ford and get them to pressure check the system for leaks, or should i just top up the levels. The car is still under warranty, which is why if there is a problem i would like to get it sorted, but i don't want to go in if it is normal, or be fobbed off by someone if it isn't.
Fiesta 2004 1.4 Coolant level - Aprilia
If it has suddenly dropped then you need to worry. If you're not sure then top it up and check it every few days. If it *is* using water then you need to get back to the dealer. Water consumption these days is usually tiny.
Fiesta 2004 1.4 Coolant level - Civic8
I would take it back. just explain to them you think its losing more than it should do. Better safe than sorry

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