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MINI "Cooper" - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
I admit I am a complete BMWphobe, but does the COOPER badge on the latest bavarian made wheelybin grate with anyone else. A travesty to the late John Coopers' memory in my own humble opinion. But then BMW have got to have the greatest advertising team on the planet......

slightly :-]
Re: MINI "Cooper" - Andrew Moorey
Seems I should have done a bit of research prior to my original post. Apparently,according to Adam Going, there may well be a tie-up between BMW and Cooper. If this is so I offer my sincere apologies to all concerned and to anyone who may have taken offence at my opinions. I should also point out that I should have deleted my company name on the post as well.
Apologies again
Re: MINI "Cooper" - mike harvey
Well if it's the case Andrew, I hope his royalties amount to more than the reputed £ 2.00 per car or whatever it was with BL.

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