Stuck! - THe Growler more ways than one. This isn't about cars but I'm hoping there will be someone tech-savvy in the BR with a bright idea that I and about 38 members of my m/c club have missed. Perhaps a bit petty but it is driving me to drink before the sun is over the yardarm. This is especially dangerous since local rum is a mere 40 pence a bottle and the local stuff imbibed injudiciously would floor a rhino.

My bike has two bullet type rear lights mounted close to the rear axle (in addition to the regular tail-light). These have red lenses, are 1¾ in dia. and double as turn indicators/supplementary stop lights. Inside each is a 12v LED spotlight combined reflector and bulb (same as those Osram domestic pin-light thingies). The "bullets" are made of that chromed plastic stuff (called "Mazak" or similar?), and the outer caps, complete with lens, unscrew to enable access to the bulbs.

Or at least they did, until Buggins had the bright idea (not) of putting a dab of Loctite on each to avoid losing them on some bumpy road somewhere. Since the bike's lights are hard-wired to be on all the time, the bullets get quite hot, and have undoubtedly cooked the Loctite. Now I need to replace a bulb and get the lens cap to unscrew. I started with those rubber things you use to get your breakfast marmalade cap off, that failed. I extremely gingerly ( - nothing to do with the marmalade) stuck protective tape around the caps and applied a mole grip (these are plastic remember) but my resolve weakened before the Loctite did.

Next the time-honored method used on a stubborn oil filter: hose clip around lens cap, tap bolt with hammer --- nada. After that one of those pipe wrench affairs full of nasty teeth with a 12" handle and protective tape again, once more to the accompaniment of gritted teeth. To no avail, but thankfully no damage.

Bullets: 4 Growler: 0

All and any fresh ideas much appreciated.

Stuck! - Cliff Pope
I don't know whether Loctite is in any way related to superglue, but you could try running a bit of superglue softener into the crack.
Or pouring hot water over the assembly might just expand it a bit and break the joint.
Stuck! - Peter D
Hi Growler, Some of the loctite range are soluable with a loctite release agent goto and post them a query and they may well come back. You will need to tell them what type of loctite you used. Good Luck. Regards Peter
Stuck! - mjm
Growler, you said that you thought that the body of the light was made of chrome plated mazak. Mazak is not plastic it is a zinc alloy used for die-casting. If this is the case then the body will take more "stick" than the lens. If you can release the body from the bike then it may be possible to hold the lens and apply the turning force to the body. A hot air gun, used carefully, is easier than hot water. If the body is mazak then it will not melt unless you get it over 400 degrees C.
Stuck! - Ex-Moderator
Can you get the whole thing off and soak it in warm water ?


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