Rust - Garry
Is there a product i can buy on the high st. that halts the spread of rust?

I've a couple of places on my car where rust is starting to replace the paint.Luckily it has'nt eaten to far into the metal,but want to check its progress before its to late.Any suggestions?
Re: Rust - Ian (cape town)
There are quite a few rust converters on the market - brush them on (after masking the area) and they convert the stuff to a dark hard compound.
Re: Rust - Piers
A pair of tin-snips.....

If you want to keep the car - cut the rust out, weld in new steel, paint and rust proof regularly.

Otherwise use a convertor (jenolite is good) and paint over it. Then flog the car.

Re: Rust - John S

Spot on. The only cure for rust is removal!

Re: Rust - Alwyn
I was told the best cure for rust is to sell it!
Re: Rust - AndyS
I have tried a few and the rust invariably reappears within weeks or months. I agree with those who post saying that rust must be removed. I have had success with minor patches of rust by using a small wire brush on an electric drill to attack the area until all visible signs of rust have gone. I have then applied Jenolite to react with any bits I missed then fill+paint.
It's hard work, but it's not worth slapping on a "miracle cure" because they don't work (IMHO)
Re: Rust - mike harvey
Garry, The trouble with rust is that it looks the size of a 10p piece, until you grind it back, and discover a hole the size of an A4 sheet. The others are all correct, cut out and weld in new is the only answer. However, if your patch is genuinely suface rust, grind it back to bare metal, prime and paint and it ought to last years. If it is on a chip prone surface, spray on a chip resistant compound first, and colour over the top. You will get a slight dimple effect, but most new cars are done like that now anyway.
Re: Rust - Andrew Hamilton
I treat surface with Phosphoric acid, from Halfords, which is the base of Jenolite etc but cheaper. The Zinc compounds are useless because they do not have enough Zinc. I am trying one with pure Zinc particles in organic solvent. 5L tin very heavy and expensive at £53. Will wait a year before being confident. Sold by Galvatech Ltd and called Zinga.
Re: Rust - ladas are slow
the car next door is a mini, and its just RUST, i cant believe it gets through its mot, you can actually see THROUGH the bodywork, it started to rust at about 2 years old, and that was in 1984.

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