Dealing with yobs - Sue
Delightful piece on Home Truths this morning about how one woman dealt with the problem of teenagers riding trial bikes where they shouldn't.

If only it were always that simple! Unfortunately the culprits round here are pack animals, or under 10 (ie below the age of criminal responsibility), or both.
Re: Dealing with yobs - Darcy Kitchin
Nice illustration; you can fight back if the circustances are right.
Re: Dealing with yobs - G
Nice idea, but I susupect this only works if you're a middle class, middle aged, white female.
Re: Dealing with yobs - Carole
There are often lads round here riding trials bikes along the country paths, and really they shouldn't be, but at the end of the day there's little else for them to do and I'd rather they were doing that than causing mayhem because they were bored and frustrated. And actually, many of them are quite polite, and have consideration for the other users. But I'd like to see the council, or someone, developing one of the areas of useless waste land round here into something official that they could use. (I have suggested it to them. No reply as yet.)
Re: Dealing with yobs - Stuart B
Carole the trouble comes from all the hidden agendas.

Remember Norton aerodrome? All those lovely road networks just ideal for taking learner drivers and underage teenies to get the driving bug out of the system and give them some sense of proper car control. Why was it never fully developed? Well guess who lives next door? Local politicians of course.

Re: Dealing with yobs - Carole
Stuart - point taken. Not good enough though is it?

Re: Dealing with yobs - Stuart B
Carole, you're right it's not good enough. (Sue are my apostrophes in the right place? Punctuation always was a weak point.)

Maybe the solution is to do like Alwyn appears to have done and become involved in local politics thus getting some sense back into the situation. The free time required would be impossible for me.

Re: Dealing with yobs - Alwyn
The Crime action team only takes a couple of hours every two months. We have the local police inspector, (good chap), social workers, ( Hmmm); Officers from the Councils Social Inclusion Unit (More Hmmm) Neighbourhood watch folks etc.

I don't really know if we yet make a difference as it quite new here in
woolly-back Wales. (I can say that 'cos I am Welsh!!)

The Community Council is really a waste of time as we have no "clout" to get anything done .

Ask around. Bet you would be a valuable addition to any group.

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