laguna engine failure? - g-force
Used my 1994 laguna this morning and everything was fine. Used it later on, managed about one mile and the STOP on the instrument display lit up and the temperature warning light came on.Then the engine died completely. Luckily I wasn't on the outside lane of a motorway. Just managed to make the roadside. When I checked under the bonnet I found some gunk in the oil cap[head gasket gone]and the cooling system expansion tank looked empty. I topped up the tank with some water, about 1 pint, but it made no difference.Plenty of life in the battery,plenty of fuel,not sure what to do now. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I know a bit about cars but I am no expert. I have a Haynes manual but on this occasion it has been no use.
laguna engine failure? - Halmer
When was the cambelt last replaced?
laguna engine failure? - g-force
Not sure. I have had the car since july 2002 and I haven't replaced it.
laguna engine failure? - bikemade3
This might be of interest, fella at work suffered cambelt tensioner failure at approx 80K 2 weeks ago.Tensioner was inspected by stealership at last belt change as vehicle was still under warranty. Unfortunately it was being driven to a renown good independent to have the belt changed when the tensioner failed.Repair totalled over £1400 and included all 8 exhaust valves, pulleys, belt and tensioner.This happened with no warning !!
laguna engine failure? - RichardW
The lack of water, over temp, and gunk on oil filler certainly points to the head gasket. My guess is the head has warped and you have lost compression, which is why it won't start. Could be the cam belt, but I doubt it. First need to get the cam covers off and see if the belt is intact. Then possibly a compression test (which I am sure will show negligible compression!), followed by 'off with its head'!


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....


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