Saab Alloys - Ian
Any recommendations on the pros and cons of fitting 205 16" alloys to a Saab 93 convertible (195 15" steel as standard). Can I use the same wheel bolts? Are stick on balancing weights better than the clip on types or do they come off in time, I've seen new Audis with vinyl coated weights on alloys but most tyre places seem to apply the standard weights with all the finesse of a blacksmith!! Are these vinyl coated weights available elsewhere?

Thanks, Ian
Re: Saab Alloys - Andy P
Before you do, check very carefully to make sure the fitment is exactly right, especially the hub ring. If the wheel does not fit snugly onto the hub, you may get severe vibration through the steering. Also, if the offset is wrong, you may end up with the tyres rubbing against the wheel arch at full lock.

As for wheel bolts, you have to use special bolts otherwise you'll end up with corrosion around the bolt holes.

I have stick-on balance weights because there is no rim on the wheel to attach the standard clip-on variety. So far, I've had no problems.

Re: Saab Alloys - Kev
We have the stick-on ones. I think they look nicer and more profesional than the old type. Also the wheel rim doesn't look battered due to numerous weights being attached and unattached.
Besides, as Andy said, we have no rims either.
Re: Saab Alloys - Kev
Wish I remember to write everything in one. Remember to get smaller profile tyres then. As increasing the size of the wheel will make the speedo run out, and will say that you are doing a slower speed than you are. I don't think this is legal. Would be interesting if this held up against speed camera fine.
Re: Saab Alloys - Penport
Check out opinions on
excellent advice form Saabsters in the States
They're always going on about the virtues of 17in wheels, not sure about 16in.
Although I'm (sadly) no longer a Saab man, I found the site invaluable on many occasions when my 900 went wrong!!!
Re: Saab Alloys - Mike H
Saab sell a whole range of 16" whhels for a 9-3, as long as the aspect ratio is correct (e.g. you might need 205/55x16 to replace a 196/96x15) you will be OK.

Check also whether these are genuine Saab alloys, then if they are, get hold of the Saab accessory brochure because it tells you which wheels fit which Saab - not all Saab 16" wheels will fit both 9-3 and 9-5, some are specific to each model although 16" can be fitted to both (if you follow me).

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