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It was recently pointed out to me that tyres are now labelled on their shoulders with titles of Treadwear, Traction and Temperature. The first item has a numerical value against it and the other two have letters.

Does anyone know how these values are measured and how to relate to them? The highest value for treadwear that I have seen is 280 and the lowest 150.

I have a particular interest in tyre wear characteristics at the moment as my 11 month old 10000 mile MB C 200K has knackered a set of rear tyres and badly worn a set of front tyres after all four wheels were found to be out of alignment at its first warranty demanded service. Helpfully, MB provide a printout with before adjustment values and after adjustment, together with MB tolerances! Interestingly one front wheel had a negative value and the other a positive one. I admit that I should of paid attention re the tyres, but I didnt. Needless to say MB (and probably all other manufacturers) insist that this problem is the customers liability.

Thanks for any views offerred

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Have a look at, there's a wealth of info there.

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I assume that your car has not been "Curbed" i.e. that your rims do not
have evidence of sidescrapes & that fact can be confirmed by your Dealers Service Manager. As its your first service, I would write to Customer Care &
explain that you have not abused the car etc. Present the facts in a reasonable manner & ask if they would consider a goodwill contribution.
If you have already done this, try again, you are obviously an enthusiast & you are very disappointed.
I have found that if you are honest & genuine with them, they respond.

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is another source of information


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A brand new car can be completely out of alignment due to damage from the straps on car transporters. How many franchises carry out a proper full laser alignnment check as prt of the PDI?

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You wont get it on Signature checks, thats for sure.I have had first hand experience of those & they have left me totally unimpressed...beware!

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Have a similar problem but at 15000 miles.

As far as I am concerned this is appalling but Pirelli are Italian then it is to be expected.

Last time I got 40000 out of a set of Michelins and I have been told by ATS that these ar ethe best for wear.
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I appreciate all of your replies chaps. Have now re-represented myself with MB customer assistance who plan to dicuss again with my local agent. The MB service manager at Chichester appears to be genuinely sympathetic and supportive, and mentioned that he has another customer with a similar problem. I'm unsure at this stage whether its a similar model car.



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