'Dog' clutches - Peter Mason
About twenty-five+ years ago Honda imported a little 600cc. saloon called the Touring. A friend owned one, and I drove it a few times. Fairly ordinary except for the clutch, which I believe was called a 'dog' clutch, and consisted of two castellated discs which just slotted in(fairly noisily!)to transmit the drive.
Can anybody think of any other car which had this type of clutch?

Re: 'Dog' clutches - John Slaughter

The dog clutch you describe was used for engaging gears within the gearbox, not for taking up the drive when pulling away. Sounds like this car had a gearbox derived from a motorcycle - no surprise for a small capacity Honda - where such technology was used.


Re: 'Dog' clutches - Honest John
It was a Honda N600 Touring. They also did a Honda N360.

Re: 'Dog' clutches - Tomo
N600 went faster than you'd think, but N360 was astonishing!
Re: 'Dog' clutches - Simon Butterworth
Also the Honda Z, any colour so long as it was orange.

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