Space saver spare wheel. - Pete
Does anyone know of a supplier of such items please ? Looking for unit for use on standard Fiat Panda/Uno hub. Have been unable to establish if Fiat ever provided one with any of their cars. Any input much appreciated. Thanks.
Re: Space saver spare wheel. - Ashley
Fiat supplies space saver spare wheels in their Punto, not sure if they'll fit earlier models, just borrow one and try it.

Why do you want a space saver for ? I hate the bleeding things myself, it's like driving around on a rich tea biscuit !


Re: Space saver spare wheel. - Honest John
The big surprise about space savers is the way they hugely inctrease your braking distance. It'sobvious that they will but no one thinks of this until they have to do an emergency stop on one.

Re: Space saver spare wheel. - Mike H
Another important point that it is worth more publicity is that no garage has an air pump with the grunt to get the necessary 60psi into one, you need to go to a tyre dealer or use your own electric pump to get the necessary pressure. This is a very real problem which most people probably don't realise - until they get a puncture.
Re: Space saver spare wheel. - John Kenyon
Stick four of them on a car normally fitted with wide low profile tyres
when it's snowy, and you'll probably see your grip increase no end.

Re: Space saver spare wheel. - Colin M
Why bother carrying a spare? I had an Audi Coupe and the spare takes up half the boot space as it's stored vertically to one side. I chucked it out and planned to call the RAC/AA if I ever got a puncture, but in 25 years of driving, I've never had one.

Sods law about to come into effect ...

Re: Space saver spare wheel. - Andrew Smith
What out for that one. I posted that I had only had one puncture in ten years the other week. Next day came my second puncture in ten years. This posting on the internet lark can be expensive.
Re: Space saver spare wheel. - markymarkn
i've had 2 flats already and i'm only 20.

one in cornwall, one in notts.

sods law or my luck?
Re: Space saver spare wheel. - Ian (cape town)
Silly inventions - try driving 200kms on one, at 80km/h!
Unfortunately local importers/manufacturers seem to overlook the fact that this is a BIG country, and the distances between towns is vast - and they continue to install those tea biscuits in the boot.
The difference between the space saver and standard wheel isn't that big on most cars - obviously the (flat) standard wheel has GOT to be able to fit.
So is it a space saver or a money saver for the manufacturers?
Re: Space saver spare wheel. - Ian L
I think it is a money saver for the car companies. Subaru tried selling the 2.5L Outback in Oz with a space saver try setting off for a 1000km trip on dirt with only a space saver tyre as a spare. Eventually Subaru Australia took notice and a standard steel wheel replaced the space saver.....funny thing was that it fitted in exactly the same space in the boot and the car cost the same!

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