Whose your favourite? - roders
Whose is your favourite female presenter from tv's current motoring shows?
Top Gear - Vicki Butler-Henderson
Driven - Penny Mallory
Pulling Power - Michelle Newman, Gail Porter

I think it a little sexist to judge just on looks, motoring knowledge/experience should be considered also.

Re: Whose your favourite? - T lucas
Can we chose their outfits?
Re: Whose your favourite? - markymarkn
are you thinking of 'birthday suit' T? ;-)

Whose your favourite? - David Lacey
Re: Who's your favourite? - Slartibartfast
Re: Whose your favourite? - Lee H
Penny, best all round.
Re: Who's your favourite? - mybrainhurts
Best all round what?
Re: Who's your favourite? - Lee H
* Best motoring knowledge
* Best driving (doesn't spend all day tailsliding cars about), ex-rally driver
* Best looking (entirely subjective, but that's what the thread hints at)
* Best presenting skills (no flirting with the camera)

You know, the best at the things she should be good at.
Re: Who's your favourite? - Darcy Kitchin
Never seen Pulling Power, but Penny gets my vote for motoring knowledge and experience.
Re: Whose your favourite? - FfwlCymraeg
The lovely Vicki.
Uniforms - David Lacey
Hmmmm thinking of uniforms

V-B-H dressed as a WPC perhaps??

Re: Whose your favourite? - Guy Lacey
The lovely Penny anyday.
Re: Who's your favourite? - mybrainhurts
Now I'm confused. Who's Penny Anyday?
Re: Whose your favourite? - Miller
Take away VBH's accent and there's nothing left!
You're all mad - VBH is the one ! - Diesel Dave
How can you fail to be charmed by Vicki Butler Henderson ?

A friend of a friend's brother - no kidding - has been going out with her for a while, rumour has it that she is a right ball of fire !! Well I would love to find out for myself ! I doubt she will be won over by my northern charms and my diesel Estate car or rotting spitfire 1500. -oh sh*t here comes my wife and in any case she's much lovlier...
Re: You're all mad - VBH is the one ! - mybrainhurts
If your wife's coming, how did you manage to type this?
Re: You're all mad - VBH is the one ! - Diesel Dave

I meant she was appoaching - ie coming up the stairs to bring me a can of Lager
Re: You're all mad - VBH is the one ! - mybrainhurts
Oh yes.........see what you mean...........
Re: Whose your favourite? - ladas are cool
i think it has to be penny mallory, because she knows about cars, and being a rally driver. she also knows how to have fun driving cars.
Re: Whose your favourite? - ladas are cool
also penny looks more like an everyday normal woman, unlike VBH who just looks like the over the top women who dance on the stage of the clubs in newcastle upon tyne on saturday night.
Re: Whose your favourite? - andy bairsto
I did not think you would be allowed up that late to see such a scarey programme
Re: Whose your favourite? - ladas are cool
now lets all be friends, i believe that the people we should be insulting are the government, not each other.
Re: Whose your favourite? - Honest John
Ginny Buckley. But haven't seen her since May.

lets not ignore the girls - Stuart B
OK just to be inclusive to the ladies in the forum, which are your favourite male presenters?

(please make the comments as sexist as you like, get your own back?)
Let's hear it for the boys - Lee H
SWMBO liked Jason Barlow when he was on Driven, but since he joined TG, she doesn't seem too interested.
Re: Whose your favourite? - David Moore
You're all mad - VBH is the one ! - David Lacey
Brewski has to be the best Male presenter.

HJ - Ginny Buckley is lovely - she was on a satellite channel?


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