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I'd like to repurchase the first car that I ever owned. (LPX230Y). Does anyone know of a service for tracking down the owner of a specific vehicle? Do the DVLA consider "sentimental" reasons good enough for release of information on a V888?
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Not even to tell you that the vehicle exists and is not scrapped?
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If that's all you want to know, go to and pretend you're requesting an insurance quote on that vehicle! Fill in the form, including the reg no, and submit it. If the vehicle no longer exists, it will tell you so, but if it does, the make and model (which you haven't yet entered by that stage) will pop up by way of confirmation.

Not sure if this is actually connected to the DVLA's database though - if not, it may not be completely up to date.
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Thanks. I tried it on an old marina I used to own. After entering all the required info plus Car no, it started asking me for make and model. So as I guessed it has gone to a better place!
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Yes, that's what that means, I'm afraid - try entering your current car's reg, and it should bring up the make & model more or less straight away.

You weren't seriously expecting a Marina to still be around after all these years, were you? Didn't they all fall apart the first time it rained? :-)
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How cruel to such a well-loved vehicle! It would have lasted longer if the paintwork was better, but the rust spidered out from any damaged spot. I only bought it because I had to have an auto quickly, due to one broken leg, and that was available then. The 1800cc engine was OK at 26mpg (I think)

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