Land rover side exaust engines - Alan
Can anyone please imform me of when the stopped being made.
Was there any reason other than lack of investment that kept them in production for so long.
Re: Land rover side exaust engines - Honest John
I had one of these in a 1949 P3 Rover. According to Culshaw & Horrobin, the 1,997cc four cylinder overhead inlet side exhast engine lasted to 1958 but the 2,625cc oise six went all the way to 1985.

Re: Land rover side exaust engines - John Davis
Another delicious snippet of nostalgia in this posting. I was not aware that the side exhaust engine was used in the Land Rover but, it was fitted into the Rover 90 of the Fifties. In fact, the rocker shaft and rockers seemed to be prone to premature wear and the pronounced "tap tap" spoiled the sound of a relatively quiet engine. Rover had made it easy to remedy though. The nearside carpet was lifted up and there was a convenient little cover in the floor
through which the rocker shaft could be drawn, into the passenger footwell. It was an easy job to slip the rockers off the shaft and replace them and/or the shaft. The difficulties came when you dropped something down into the sump but. that's another story.

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