Subaru Justy - Tom Stoddart-Scott
Running my second Subaru Justy (1990 GL II) have noticed over this winter mayonnaise on the oil filler cap I recall that the previous car did this. There doesn't appear to be any water in the coolant or any loss of water. The rocker cover is plastic with a metal plate inside. Could it just be condensation on short journeys? I doesn't tend to be too bad after motorway journeys. Any suggestions?

Also can anybody tell me where I can get a workshop manual as Haynes didn't take this car to pieces.
Re: Subaru Justy - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
Dear Tom,
If it's not unsing any oil or water then short-journey condensation is favourite. What oil are you using? Try a quality 10/40 semi-synthetic, and make a point of giving the vehicle a good run (15-20 miles at dual-carriageway speeds) at least once a week. Sorry, can't help on the manual.

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