Ford Focus - rust already ? - davie.g
I have a Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec registered March 2001. Whilst washing car today discovered rust coming through the bottom of the rear nearside door. Is this a common problem on the Ford Focus ? Would welcome any thoughts including rough cost of repair.
Ford Focus - rust already ? - SjB {P}
I have several friends who run Focus models of one type or another, and the only rust fault they have collectively had between them is one instance of the well documented fault with the tailgate (Handle mechanism causes chafing and eventual rust)

I wonder if your car has been repaired at some time, even before you collected it if owned by you from new?

About six weeks after I collected a new car some years ago, I found out that it had been substantially repaired to the left hand rear wing as a result of being hit in an overnight raid to steal keys from the dealer!
Ford Focus - rust already ? - Carse

Take it into Ford and have it assessed. All Focus from 2001 have a 13 year body warranty and as long as it is not neglect that has caused the rust then you will be covered. The bodies are meant to be galvanized and therefore are less susceptible to rust.

Ford Focus - rust already ? - Adam {P}
Sorry to contradict you Carse but I had the well documented problem with teh tailgate and was told unless it was in the last 2 years then I had to pay. The handle is their fault - no-one elses yet I have to pay.

Other than that, there's not a lot to say. Good luck.
Ford Focus - rust already ? - Adam {P}
sorry. That 2001 dashed by. Mine's a 99 so won't be covered.


I'll go now.
Ford Focus - rust already ? - chrisa
cars produced around 1999 - 2002 has several build problems. It is usually rust appearing from inside of the doors, usually the rear ones. The factory didn't put in any sealer, so the water sits in the door and rots it,

You need to go give ford customer services a call and they will send an RAC inspector out to see the car at a local ford dealer of your choice. They will then report to ford on the repair and costs etc. usually they will pay for replacement of the door and paint, but forget matching paint, they won't pay for that.

The tailgate is also common. The handle rubs against the bodywork, it was a standard warranty claim and ford would pay for the repair and even replacement of the tailgate, you will need to go through the same procedure as before, but remember this is ford, and expect useless service, poor attitude, crap repairs and general disinterest.

but good luck
Ford Focus - rust already ? - Marc
Is the rust on the weld seam at the bottom of the door? If so it sounds like a common fault seen on Mondeos (00X onwards)

When this happened to my old one it was fixed under warranty without quibble - took car into Ford dealer bodyshop for assessment and they put in a claim to Ford and got authorisation within a couple of days. At the time the car was 2 1/2 years old.

The repair was excessive though IMO, they kept the car for a week and resprayed one whole side - all this for a surface rust patch half an inch long on the inside of the door bottom, but then I guess FoMoCo were footing the bill...
Ford Focus - rust already ? - davie.g
Many thanks for replies. I phoned my local Ford bodyshop in Aberdeen and as soon as I mentioned the car was a 2001 Ford Focus I did not get the chance to finish the sentence ie its got rust-through on one of the doors. Apparently a very common problem so much so that instead of the normal 6 year Ford Perforation Warranty, Focus and Mondeo 2001 Model Year vehicles have a 12 year warranty.
I am hopeful of a positive resolution !

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