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just wondered if i could gain some insite to mats.
i have a rover 75, and wondered what are the best mats to put in it?
doing around 40K miles a year, so tuff wearing.
also where can i get dark beige to go with the interior ?
cheapest place to purchase ?
web or halfords/motorworld ?
cheers ;-)

p.s. the 3 halfords have no black or beige cannons, or profile mats with rubber & carpet bit.
motorworld sell really light beige?
i have done 50 miles just looking for mats ! jeeeez!
mats - Quinny100 - The luxury material is very hardwearing and easy to clean.
mats - VTiredeyes
would like to get some asap tho !
these take up to 28 days 2 deliver!
have searched previous posts and the >100 posts on mats was v good, but no names of what mats are good/best
cannon profiles..... any good? from halfords when they can get them in?
mats - Quinny100
My Unique mats came within 3 days when I ordered them earlier in the year. I gave up buying standard mats because they invariably slip around or go mis-shapen after a while. Tailored mats are the way to go IMO.

Have you tried a Rover dealer? I got a full set of genuine Ford mats for my Mondeo for £25.

Autoexpress have tested mats - goto their website and look in the Specials section under Product Tests.
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A set of 4 genuine mats for my 405 where just over £20 from the Peugeot dealer.

Check out your Rover main dealer, they might have some good deals on offer.
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I bought a new set of black mats (4) from a "large car parts store already mentioned above" at the end of July. They were the stores own brand. At the time they cost me £29.99.

Yesterday I returned to the store as the drivers mat had two "slight" problems, the carpet either side of the rubber section was lifting off the rubber surface in a big way and when I actually took them out of the car , the mat had a huge split in it ,only noticeable when you folded it over on itself.

I took them back to the chap instore who , after a bit of positive persuasion from me , (i.e. told him to speak to his manager as he was refusing a refund/credit note) ,decided that indeed he could give me a refund.

Off I went down the road to Argos where they do a nice sent of Cannons (albeit Black) for £24.99. Much nicer they are too :o)

Hope that helps!
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The mats in my 75 were bought from a Rover dealer and after 18 months they are still in great condition. The colour matches perfectly. Suggest you see your dealer-they usually give a discount, you just need to ask.

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1 - as suggested, check rover dealers - by all accounts, they should be keen to sell anything !

2 - check yellow pages - car&commercial trimmers etc. we recently recarpetted downstairs and had some mats for the house made up, but the company were called 'ambassador car mats' and they had templates for most cars, and if you didn't have a carpet, they had material to make them up.

p.s. - if your in the North west, I'd recommend ambassador - they trimmed they mats while I waited, and re-trimmed them (cos I'd got the measurements wrong) without any futher charge

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Boy am I glad I read this thread.

I have been looking for ages for car mats for my Focus. The interior is a cream colour so finding mats has been a nightmare. Cream mats with "Focus" on them for £39 isn't too bad at all.

mats - Marc
Another "mats" thread...

They've got to be the manufacturer's own mats or else they will not fit the the footwell properly and move all over the place (dangerous) I've had mfg mats in all my cars and they're usually reasonably priced - say £25 for a front pair and £15 for the rears. They also look much better than aftermarket ones come resale time.

The question is, carpet or rubber?
mats - Adam {P}
On that site you select the make and model of your car

mats - smokie
Quite, Marc. You no doubt recall that one of the shortest questions resulted in one of the longest threads no so long ago.

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