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Registration number transfers query - Richard
I know that this isn't everso important in the greater scheme of things, but I was wondering whether an original registration number is allocated back to a car when taking a private number off?

For example, my car was registered new with a bog-standard V-plate, but me, going through a phase of vanity, had a select reg number put on. When the time comes for me to change the car, will the license bods re-issue the original V-registration (therefore saving me having to get a new set of plates made as I still have the old' uns) or will be a totally new V-registration?

I was also thinking that it could simplify matters when it comes to explaining to a subsequent owner of the car that nothing dodgy has happened, the fact that there are different registration numbers on the service records?

Re: Registration number transfers query - David W

I only know I had a personal number on my last car over four years before we transferred it elsewhere.

Having had the plates made up for the age related replacement number they gave it I thought "they look familiar". It wasn't untill I sold the car and dug out the paperwork that I realised they had given it the old number back from four years previous!

Re: Registration number transfers query - Brian
My understanding is that the original number will be given back to the vehicle, unless it has been re-issued in the meantime.
(Info from local licence office when we put a cherished number on a vehicle)
Re: Registration number transfers query - Ashley
Brian is correct in what he's saying, 9 times out of 10 you get your original reg back, unless it has been allocated to another car. I transferred my number off my last car and it was the only one that was given a new number. I had transferred four times previously and been given the old number back each time.

It's a bit of a con to pay 80 quid each time but you have to pay it to keep it !


Re: Registration number transfers query - Simon Butterworth
Spoke to the DVLA about this only today entirely by co incidence. Told it is down to discretion of local office, fact that old J reg is etched in the glass is apparently in our favour for getting it back.
Re: Registration number transfers query - Michael Thomas
My last car had NI plates. I preferred it, its ageless and easy to remember. Anyway a pair of muppets rear ended a few months back and wrote it off.

I transferred it over for 80 quid, it took 4 weeks and in memory of a good car that met an untimely end and probably saved my life.

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