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How much is this worth - GB
I presently own a BMW M3 E36 3.2 straight 6 SMG (for those of you not familiar with the SMG this is sequential/manual gearbox developed for F1 racing) the vehcile is a 98R and is a LHD in Estoril Blue with 65000 kilometres. Excellent condition full BMW dealer service history.
Any ideas where I could sell this?
Re: How much is this worth - Tony
Germany possibly.
Re: How much is this worth - Honest John

To give you some idea of the ballpark, at Blackbushe today a met blue 97R E36 M3 3.2 Evo with 61,150 miles and the standard box bid to £15,800.

Re: How much is this worth - Steve G
Look in Ex Mart -LHD section usually the has 'cars wanted' but these will be trade price offers.
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