Volkswagon Vento - Stuart
Whoops, don't know how my previous message ended up down there.

Anyway, I have heard that prices of Vento's are plummetting. I have always been interested in a VR6 Vento, anyone have any recent knowledge of auction prices on these vehicles?
I'm no expert on these - Matt Kelly
but I'd be surprised if many turn up at auction and wonder whether those that do are the best buys. Relatively few made and quite a specialist vehicle. Many are in the hands of enthusiasts and I reckon the best way to get yourself a decent one would be to look at the Clubgti website (www.clubgti.com) or have a look on Autotrader and go and see a few.
Re: I'm no expert on these - ladas are cool
search www.autotrader.co.uk as you can search the whole country, (see what i am doing, i am HELPING stuart B)
Re: I'm no expert on these - ladas are cool
sorry, this is another stuart.
Re: I'm no expert on these - Andy Bairsto
To the whitley Bay bugle,no your not helping you are stateing the obvious .
I should thing Vento V6 are pretty hard to find I have seen one or two on the roads in Germany ,most of these V6 engined motors seem to be in Scirrocos and golfs.I do not think there was more than a couple of hundred made in rhd for the uk .Good look because they are super cars to drive.
VR6 Fuel Consumption - David Lacey
Phil - my VR6 used to return 28-30MPG - I was well pleased with that, coupled with that lovely V6 burble!

Re: I'm no expert on these - Honest John
The only Vento VR6s Ive seen were ex Hants police and had done 200k. (That's at least two cylinder head gaskets on a VR6.)

Re: I'm no expert on these - phil
Yes, Ventos are well cheap.

VR6's drink fuel like it's free though.

I have seen a few in the Trader and Loot - they are about.

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