Minimum 2 year new car warranty? - Martin Wall
I read somewhere on the What Car? web site about about manufacturers giving models a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty - something about a new European standard/directive....

Anybody know anything about this? When does it take effect?

If I've read it properly it seems to make buying abroad even more sensible - i.e. no matter what you buy you get 24 months unlimited mileage - better than most of the pretend 3 year warranties currently on offer in the UK - actually 12 months unlimited mileage warranty + 2 years vastly reduced MBI cover...

Re: Minimum 2 year new car warranty? - Keith
Takes effect on 1/1/2002 although some makers e.g. VW Group & BMW have introduced it already in the UK. Whether continental list prices will rise to pay for it remains to be seen but, as you say, it's good news for people who buy abroad and, to a lesser extent, people who buy in the UK, particularly if they do more than 30,000 miles per annum

Re: Minimum 2 year new car warranty? - Martin Wall that for cars registered on or after Jan 1st 2002? E.g. say you bought an imported (or a UK supplied) car but delayed registration until then, would you get 2 yrs cover?
Re: Minimum 2 year new car warranty? - Tony Cooper
My information from a German dealer is that the 2 year warranty will only apply to orders ( this was for a BMW) placed on or after 1.1.2002.

If you can wait a few months for order/delivery, you know it makes sense!
Re: Minimum 2 year new car warranty? - Colin M

I think the date is set by the manufacturer as when the pdi is done. My imported Audi's have been covered since 1st November. The UK prices should fall now that Audi UK liability has reduced from 2 years (Y2/Y3) to just one! Some hope?

Re: Minimum 2 year new car warranty? - Andy P
Why does it require legislation for European car manufacturers to give 2 year warranties when the Japanese have been giving 3 year warranties for some time now.

an interesting spin-off ... - Ian (cape town)
Maybe manufacturers should opt for the 5-year plan, and budget it into the selling-price of the vehicle?
The distinct advantage, as has been proved with BMW's here, is that the cars suddenly become less desirable to criminals - they (and the receiver of stolen goods) know that if the stolen car ever goes wrong, they won't be able to get parts or labour done on it, as the BM agents won't touch it (or sell them spares), as the BMW computer keeps a FSH on the cars, and they *demand* that only they work on it!
Re: an interesting spin-off ... - me
dont think the average drug dealer is bothered whether his stolen bmw has a full bmw fsh or not...

dont suppose he'd be taking it to a legit dealer anyways...

and for those of you who want to save money on a "dealer network" stamp in the book you can always have it serviced in belgium/france/ireland when on holiday for a saving on uk prices...
Re: an interesting spin-off ... - Andrew Hamilton
Guess will not apply to hire cars that are sold off in auctions after 6 months with huge mileages!
Re: an interesting spin-off ... - Honest John
I ran a news item about BMW's two year manufacturer warranty a week or two ago. Also applies to the MINI. And applies from 1/11/2001.

Re: an interesting spin-off ... - Andy Bairsto
Every thing you buy in Europe now has to have a two year unconditional warranty whether its a car or a teapot and that came into force last august
Re: an interesting spin-off ... - Colin M
Tony, I have a few cars in the pipe that were ordered pre Nov 1st but have/are being pdi'd at the moment. They all come with a two year warranty which is a nice free bonus for my customers.

Re: an interesting spin-off ... - ROBIN
A chum of mine,who recently worked in a serious capacity for a Ford dealer maintains that Fords need a three year warranty BECAUSE the have to be serviced by Ford dealers for 3 years..........!

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