plastic trim hole fillers - mark ansell
Where can I get some dark blue (Mondeo) and some light grey (Peugeot) mushroom-type push in plugs to conceal the holes in the dash, drilled by numbties mounting their mobile phones? I have seen them in Halfords in other colours than black; unfortunately Halfords stock control on these useful odd packs leaves alot to be desired (certainly applies in Aberdeen!).
Any other suppliers?
Re: plastic trim hole fillers - David W

I have a selection of these trim plugs collected over the years and use up a matching touch-up pencil to get them the correct colour.

Re: plastic trim hole fillers - Guy Lacey
Commonly known as "grommets" - can be found in any *decent* DIY store in a variety of shades of grey.
Re: plastic trim hole fillers - ladas are cool
is this like 'wallace and grommet'
Re: plastic trim hole fillers - me
for strange shades try a furniture shop like mfi
Re: plastic trim hole fillers - Phil Goodacre
Why not have one of the SMART repairers do it professionally instead? About £25 for mobile phone holder holes and you will never know they were there.

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