Mazda Premacy - Biff
Local dealer offering Mazda Premacy 1.8 @ £10,995, anyone got one who would like to praise or warn?
Re: Mazda Premacy - Guy Lacey
The most horrible car I have ever had the displeasure to drive! I'm afraid I can't be very objective about it due to a recent journey.

I'll try to be unbiased! I had to drive a Premacy from Taunton to Newport and back on a windy day - I have never been so scared in my life! Across the Severn Bridge the car couldn't decide which lane to be in. The narrow footprint and high sides meant it was buffeted all over the shop. It also lost front wheel traction *very* easily when pulling out from junctions, etc. It was quite nippy though and happily cruised at 80-90mph and was very economical.

The driving position was very high and felt very odd. The particular model I had for the day did not have height adjustable seats. The driving position was very reminiscent of driving a van which I suppose isn't very surprising.

Tidy looking young ladies in their Citroen Saxo VTR/S's smirked as they sped past. Not good for the ego.

Apart from that, not too bad!

If I had to go for a mini-MPV I would go for a Renault Scenic but as a bachelor with no kids and a penchant for filling up any free space with LPG tanks - I'm probably not the man to ask!
Mazda Premacy - don't admit to having one! - David Lacey
Hey Guy! You kept the Premacy hire car quiet! What ever happened to the ST24 hire cars then?? Company cutbacks?


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