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Honda Accord. - Tim Proudman
Due to the forthcoming company car tax changes, I've been offered the option to buy my R reg 2Litre Accord (71,000 on the clock) from the leasing company. The car is in good nick, reliable and I've grown to like it. Can anyone advise on what a reasonable price would be? The 'allowance' my co will give me won't stretch to a private lease of the latest model unfortunately.. Many thanks, Tim
Re: Honda Accord. - Honest John
It would help to know which shape (old shape or current shape) and which trim spec.

Re: Honda Accord. - Tim Proudman
Thanks for info so far. A bit more about the car, that I should have added on my first message.

It's the 4 door 2.0 iLS (saloon) model with a/c, first reg Sep 1997. It's not garaged, but has been properly maintained at an approved Honda dealership.

Re: Honda Accord. - ladas are cool
these cars are very underated, but because of that the prices are quite low too. is the car a 1997 or a 1998, what spec, i am guessing its FSH, also another thing about your car is that the mileage is above average, so i would be paying about £5500 - £6000 for it, but it depends on the spec and the year, and also that price is only for the new shape, it will be alot less for the old shape, i have seen new shape accords go for £6500, and thats with 50000 miles, FSH, and being about 1998 R-S reg.

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