Alfa 147 - Martin Wall
Took a look at the Alfa 147 at the weekend - VERY surprised - looks to be very well built from good quality materials. I was surprised as I was expecting something very different.

Are these cars sought after as discounts don't seem to be very large - or am I just looking in the wrong place?

Has HJ driven this?
Re: Alfa 147 - Tony
Buy one,then you'll learn.
Re: Alfa 147 - Martin Wall
Have you had a bad experience with this model?
Re: Alfa 147 - Honest John
I drove a 147 2.0 TS Selaspeed. Wasn't impressed at all. Too much understeer and a sticky Salaspeed system. Not a patch on a 156 Selaspeed I'd driven. The reason may be more to do with variable Alta Romeo build quality than the difference in cars. Great looker, though.

Re: Alfa 147 - T lucas
If you like the look,just get a nice big picture and save yourself the grief of owning an Alfa.
Re: Alfa 147 - Ian Cook

I don't know the 147, but is the chassis and suspension (particularly the rear) the same as the GTV? It has a weak point in kippering bushes. I think HJ posted something similar for the 156 in car-by-car breakdown - check if it applies to the 147.

Don't write Alfas off - if you're aware of the weak points, and get a price accordingly, they are very rewarding cars to drive.

Re: Alfa 147 - David Roberts
Took delivery of brand new 147 s/spd on 15.05.01. Lovely design and kit. Terrible reliability - off road at dealer for various repairs for 52 days and counting! Latest is failed rear suspension; no details from dealer yet but he is blaming pot holes and trying to avoid responsibility. Am now seeking replacement vehicle through 'good will'. Derisory offers of freebies so far. To sum up - great design, poor manufacture, terrible dealer service (unless good will settlement reached soon!).
Tempted to send all sorry story to press. Any thoughts?

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