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Police victimisation? - Andy P
Just read a story in todays paper about a guy with a Porsche Boxster that was stopped by the police thirty times in thirty days It doesn't say why he was stopped, but it does seem rather excessive.

Anyone else out there with a performace car had the same kind of treatment?

Re: Police victimisation? - Dwight Van-Driver

This was a N Eastern young whizz kid just over 18 yrs of age and just barely started to shave. Earns in excess of 86 grand a year.
Was on NE TV last week about it and admitted that he looked wrong for the car and had no gripe against the Police for stopping him.

Baby face in an expensive car should get a response from Plod if he is doing his job. Several cars that had been TWOC returned to grateful owners by this method.
Re: Police victimisation? - Tomo
Yes, but after say 15 days the word would surely have got around? it does quickly enough if they don't like you, I am told.
Re: Police victimisation? - dan
I heard he was 20. Either way, can't understand how he'd have the quals/experience at that age to be actually given an 80+k job with all the responsibilty that would entail.

Methinks it might be daddy's company employing him..?

He was spending 12k on the insurance alone, he's now getting rid of the box and getting a corvette or something. How this will solve the problem l don't know - this isn't America where 16 yr olds expect a vette as their first car as standard. Perhaps it has savagely blacked out windows?
Re: Police victimisation? - ladas are cool
maybe he is one of these 'dot com teenagers'
Re: Police victimisation? - dan
It said he was an IT consultant.
A dotcom teenager would need to have a really good idea which would then be funded by venture capitalists who normally push them out of the operation with a suitable payoff at the earliest opportunity. (i.e. He would be cash rich not earning a high slary as reported.)
This happens as standard. A kid with a good idea is not synonymous with someone who can run a business (simply not enough experience).

Re: Police victimisation? - nick
we've lost out local bobby and police station in the small cotswold town where we live. However it does't stop the police from driving through and booking my wife's (parked) porsche carrera II twice in 6 hours for having a number plate where one digit was half and inch out of place (not altered). But if the kids are a bit wild on drink or druga on a friday night in the market place - where are the police - who knows, but not where the're needed.
Re: Police victimisation? - David W

I try hard to be pro-police but your story, is as simple as it sounds, would make me explode.

It is just the sort of thing that could turn the pros into antis, PR disaster type stuff.

PS. There are soon going to be enough confessed Cotswold based/routed backroomers for a separate section!

Re: Police victimisation? - The Growler
Where will be they be next terrorist alert? Preening themselves as they ponce around counting this month's progress towards their booking targets no doubt. are these guys on incentives?
Re: Police victimisation? - Rebecca
My Dad had a Lotus for a while (don't ask me exactly what - but it looked very flash) and he sold it because he got so fed up being stopped by the police (for no reason). Almost as soon as the officer peered into the car and saw a white 50-something driver, he was sent on his way. He took the view that if the car was ever stolen, he was fairly sure it would be stopped so he shouldn't grumble - but it did get too much after a while. He doesn't have the same problem with an E-type. Presumably classic cars aren't so attractive to car theives?
Re: Police victimisation? - Honest John
A kid with a well worked out porn site that works back through the modem and charges you on phone line time could soon make very serious money. We had a guy like this on 'Dealer's Choice', the ITV2 car show I worked on a few years back.


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