Best Middleweight? - Martyn
Just spent a wasted morning being ignored by the dealers of Salisbury. I want a medium sized petrol hatch / estate with a decent spec - was going to look at Focus and Golf.

Bored to tears, still haven't tried anything. Best ideas for £15k budget and can anyone recommend a decent dealer in these here parts - i.e. one that recognises that some of us only have weekends to look at cars?
Re: Best Middleweight? - DIESEL DAVE
Golf Estate with TDI 130 / 115 Engine would be an excellent choice - Or Peugeot 406 they will be desperate to sell you one of these - nearly new for under 10 grand with HDI 110 engine lots of kit and both very nice to drive.
Re: Best Middleweight? - Andy Whitworth
Seat Cupra range - VAG engines, excellent spec, great build quality and keen prices!
Re: Best Middleweight? - Martin Wall
HJ has listed some pretty good deals on UK supplied Citroen C5 Diesels on the news page...
Re: Best Middleweight? - Richard
Got to agree with DIESEL DAVE...the VAG group TDI engines are far superior to most of their petrol engines. A 130 BHP TDI will give the 1.8T a serious run for it's money in the performance stakes, whilst being capable of returning up to 55mpg. And the forthcoming 150 BHP TDI? well that WILL be something!
Re: Best Middleweight? - Richard
And another thing, have you considered the Astra estate? Has an excellent chassis and has a decent amount of boot space for the size of the car.
Have a look at the 1.6 petrol (I had one of these on hire and got 42 mpg out of it with the 1.6, 8 valve engine and it was a good performer too!).
Have a look at the 2.0 DTI engined version too. A very good engine, which is a little gruff when cold but is quite smooth and revvy when warm. I have this engine in my 2K Vectra and it is a cracker. I get 52mpg out of it, and I am not driving unneccesarily slow either to achieve this!
Re: Best Middleweight? - Tim Guymer
I side with Andy on this one. Seat Leon range pretty fine and spec excellent for the price. I went for a look at one at Great Covert, North Baddesley (nr Romsey). Their attitude and service as a whole was excellent. Have just ordered the 1.6 Leon which will arrive on Thurs. This cost just under £11k but go for the Cupra -superb car!
Re: Best Middleweight? - Honest John
A 130bhp Golf TDI with the £600 handling pack is very good, and you can enjoy tremedous performance withoiut straying much out of the 2,000 - 3,000rpm rev range. But a 180bhp SEAT Leon 20VT Cupra will, of course, leave it not quite for dead but some way behind.

Re: Best Middleweight? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Skoda Octavia?
Re: Best Middleweight? - Martyn
We seem to have different definitions of nice to drive....

Peugeot 406, floated all over the road like a boat and the vibration through the pedals on the diesel was absolutely awful. Tried two and both were the same. Also seemed to be thrown together.

Citroen is basically an aircraft carrier - not a middleweight at all. Same for Laguna and Primera - so-o-o-o-o ugly.

Golf - who knows (?) the dealer continues to ignore me, which is a bit of a problem to him as the sister garage supplies this family with Audis... or maybe used to supply us with Audis..

Seat dealer very helpful but no Leons in sight...

Focus looks the best bet but no one has a clue on the new 2002 spec (which will have climate control - we think) - see the website.

Haven't looked at the Octivia yet, Salisbury traffic prevented me getting near the dealer.
Re: Best Middleweight? - Simon Saxton

I wouldnt hesitate-Skoda Octavia for me.
Re: Best Middleweight? - Richard
Absolutely, but don't forget to test drive the TDI 110 variant!

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