Old cars and the environment. - Chris
I read of some research in the Netherlands a while ago where they calculated that by reducing the average age of vehicles on the road by three years they would actually increase the net emissions by four per cent, largely because of the emissions created by making cars. That's even taking into account the greater efficiency of new engines. It's one of the arguments I use for not getting rid of my fourteen year old Peugeot 309. The old XU diesel is dirty in today's terms, but it's turning in an average of over 50mpg, cruises happily and quietly at 70-75 and I've known park benches less reliable (we do around 10,000 miles a year and the engine has not needed a repair of any kind in the last five years). Now that manufacturers are offering paint warranties lasting twelve years there's really no need to scrap at ten - unless you fall for the "look what he's got on his driveway" con which suits the manufacturers just fine.

Re: Old cars and the environment. - John Slaughter

Yes, I think the makers avoid mentioning the environmental costs of making cars and concentrate on tailpipe emisions. And, as you say, scrapping is good for business. Your car is probably unusual in doing that mileage at that age - most do less.

I believe that the Confederation of Historic Car Clubs (or similar - apologies if that's wrong) have commissioned work on this, as a potential defence against the 'scrap them at 10 years' campaign by the big manufacturers. This was I think mentioned in DT a while back - anyone remember?


Re: Old cars and the environment. - Tim Guymer
I've run a 1986 Golf GTI for the passed 3 years, averaging 23k a year, current mileage 175K. Running cost over past 3 yrs incl all assoc costs works out at 17p a mile, mpg overall 36mpg.
Re: Old cars and the environment. - honestjohn
Blimey, Tim. You nearly missed being included in a Telegraph story about cars which had done more than 175,000 miles. You're in now, by the skin of your bumpers.

Re: Old cars and the environment. - Giles
I run a VW Polo, 1985. It does 35mpg and the co2 emissions have passed MOT limits every time, easily. The car has done over 200,000 miles, and is still going strong!

Re: Old cars and the environment. - Roger Jones
Most cars are very well constructed these days and we are a world away from the bad old days when you got shot of your car before 50k for fear that it would begin to fall apart. I would expect any very well built car -- and that doesn't necessarily mean highly priced -- to last well into six figures, PROVIDED THAT it is sensibly driven and properly maintained. The trouble is that many aren't. I sold my Audi 18 months ago with 56k on the clock and suggested to the purchaser that he could expect another 444k out of it. We laughed, but I meant it.
Re: Old cars and the environment. - honestjohn
Giles has missed the story.

Re: Old cars and the environment. - Tristan Chaize
To Honestjohn.
What do you mean "Giles has missed the story" What's wrong with 200,000 miles in a Polo, apart from the blue smoke out of the back?
And incidentally can you tell the powers to be at the Telegraph that Paul Ripley is a waste of space. "Look through the front of the wndscreen when driving a car, and indicate left when turning left..... Yeah. Great. I must remember that.
Re: Old cars and the environment. - Giles
no blue smoke, clean. If I drove it in L.A the exhaust fumes would be cleaner than the air they were going into!

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