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Full Fat, Caffine Free - pugugly

Congrats to MG Rover, witness the current monthlies, that advert is back.......
stuff the ASA !
Re: Full Fat, Caffine Free - Honest John
Could be that the ads were printed before the ban. Long copy dates on monthlies.

Re: Full Fat, Caffine Free - Dave
What ban?
Re: Full Fat, Caffine Free - Bob H
Advertising Standards Authority(ASA) musn't pretent cars go fast - blurred background giving an impression of speed etc.
Re: Full Fat, Caffine Free - Stuart B
So what about the advert for the X type, which looks as though its sideways?

Plus another advert with blurred background for an import I forget which?

Not going to complain about the adverts mind you, but the next time we have some guff from FoE and other pressure groups & so on why don't we get our own back?

Mind you best way to support Rover IMHO is not to have a go about the ASA advert decisions but buy their cars! Bit more of that and not just with cars and we'd have UK manufacturing industry back on its feet.

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