4 lanes for M6 and M5 - mark ansell
If there's one action that any government should be taking now, it's to make the M6 south of Preston, 4 lanes for its entirety! (Mike Rutherford didn't mention this in his hit list!) Living in Aberdeen we travel to south coast regularly on hols; it is horrendous anytime of day and anywhere on M6 and M5.
I would gladly pay a toll if guaranteed action on this.

Did I notice on our last visit south that bridge works were being carried out on the M6. Is this for an additional lane? Here's hoping.

Lane discipline, well that's another story!
Re: 4 lanes for M6 and M5 - John Slaughter
4 lanes will be fine provided it's not like the 4 lane sections of the M25 - lane 3 full of 65 mile/hr cruisers who won't move over!



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