Another leg-lift? - Phil P
My local VW independant has just replaced the distributer cap and rotor arm on my 93 golf for the third year in a row. When i questioned this i was told that they only last around 10k mi. I know they don't cost much, but just wondered whether this is reasonable. Also, is 38+VAT a reasonable labour rate?

Re: Another leg-lift? - David W

Funny this, relatives '93 1.8 Golf has kept the same dist cap and rotor arm for 4+ years and about 40,000 miles.

£38/hr + vat is not unusual, if you expect it.

Re: Another leg-lift? - Andrew Barnes
I replace the dizzy cap & rotor arm every 12months on my 1989 Golf GTI, so I wouldn't complain. Where I live the, the Wirral, I pay £30/hr to a VW specialist, but his workshop doesn't appear to have high overheads (railway arch!)

Re: Another leg-lift? - Alwyn

Where on the Wirral do you live? I am top of a Welsh hilltop and can see from Hilbre to Puddington.

I have a cousin in Wallasey who has just bought a 4 litre Jeep Wrangler. 19 to the gallon on a good day!!!!!!!!

Re: Another leg-lift? - dIY
If you can wire a plug you can change the distributer cap and rotor arm...
No wait , it's not as hard as that...
They must love you...... !
Something is wrong here - David Lacey
To get through a cap & rotor every 10K there must be something wrong somewhere.
I guess the 'technicians' at the VW Dealership are purely 'fitters' and can't be bothered/haven't the sufficient know-how to diagnose and correct the root cause of the problem.

£38 per hour (+VAT) is a cheap Main Dealer labour rate these days.


Re: Another leg-lift? - Phil P
Thank you, gents. Sounds like they are being a bit over-zealous, though labour rate probably OK for a city-centre site. I'll keep a check on the condition of the new bits to see if there's an underlying problem.

(with lifted leg) Phil
Re: Another leg-lift? - Stu
" £38 per hour (+VAT) is a cheap Main Dealer labour rate these days. "

£70 p/hour at the local Audi dealer in Epsom.
Re: Another leg-lift? - Dan J
Wonder what whoever working on your car gets paid by the hour? I'll eat my Cavalier if it is even a third of what the customer gets charged!

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