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Chrome - Chris Rowe
Does anyone know where I can get a spray that looks like chrome ?
I have two small vertical lines on my old chrome bumper and I can not justify getting the whole thing rechromed ? Any ideas ?
Re: Chrome - David W

This is available from Halfords type shops, I've seen it more in the smaller outlets recently.

Problem is that it doesn't stick very well to the good chrome, fine on the metal where the chrome has come away.

Worth a tin to try though.

Re: Chrome - Dan J
Who was reading whose mind there?!
Re: Chrome - Dan J
I don't think you can get anything that'll completely match proper chrome but a good substitute that comes up well with polishing is available from Halfords. I sprayed some wheels with it and was surprised by how good it actually was from a can. Not sure if it was Chrome Wheel Paint or just Chrome Paint but a 500ml can cost about a fiver and would cover a large area of required.

Like I say, with Chrome you'll never get a perfect match but the above is not bad and maybe someone else can recommend something better?

As another possible (and perhaps better) solution, what about trying a model shop? I'd dare bet Humbrol/similar manufacture some kind of chrome paint for model cars/planes and you could touch up the scratch with a fine paintbrush then?

Good luck!
Re: Chrome - Ian Cook
Picking up on Dan's suggestion about model shops, you can buy heat adhesive covering materials for model aircraft (Solarfilm and Profilm are two) and they are available in chrome.

You might just be able to cleverly cut them into strips to cover the original damage. The material is applied with a hot iron (mum's domestic one will do) and then shrunk using the same tool (a little hotter).


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