Mondeo Diesel - I.J.
I will shortly be changing my company Mondeo TDI (not a bad car, but a dog of an engine). As my options are limited to another of the same, timing is of the essence. Does anyone have any idea when the CDI engine is due to be fitted to the Mondeo?
TDi Mondeo?????? - David Lacey
Sorry, there's no such thing as a Mondeo TDi.........they are about 7 years behind the Germans!!

Re: TDi Mondeo? - TS
I think the Mondeo is getting a TDCi (as is the Focus) late this year or early next, mind you the current new shape Mondeo TDi with the new Duratorq is miles ahead of the old 1.8TD you currently have, and the electronic overboost on the turbo makes for spirited overtaking! Its also a lot more economical and cleaner, though still a bit vocal which aparently the new engine will address. The new (common rail) TDCi will not replace the existing engine, only supplement it. If you are desperate, buy the existing one - its great.
Re: TDi Mondeo? - Honest John
The Focus gets a 1.8 of the DCi in January. Still no announcement from Ford about the Mondeo.


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