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Resetting the service indication - Micra - buzbee
My interest is in resetting the computer screen \'service\' indication after a first oil change on a 2003 Micra SE. In spite of risking a bit of warrantee bother, it is a job I prefer to do myself.

I saw Gunson equipment in Halfords for about £99 that, amongst other things, read and reset car fault codes. But a closer look showed it to be for cars manufactured a decade or so ago. I think those systems just output a series of pulses, when interrogated, rather than paint words on a display screen.

During my discussions the words \'EODB2\" System\' were mentioned in terms of being a modern car control system. It was also said that if and when the likes of Halfords stocked such an equipment, \'it will be much more expensive\' than £99.

Questions: Anyone care to enlighten me on the EODB2 system? Sounds like it is a bit of kit the manufacturer buys in to fit on each car. Possibly doing his own programming.

Secondly, can anyone confirm that it will not be possible for me to reset the computer screen SERVICE reading without having a special handset that plugs in and does the job -- costing many hundreds, no doubt. Sounds like a good home project for the ELEKTOR journal.

I guess there is not likely to be anything as simple as grounding a pin like you can, apparently, when resetting the service indicator on an old Merc?
Resetting the service indication - Micra - Frogeye
Funny you should mention Elektor, as they had an article some months ago on an OBD2? interface. I remember glancing at it in the local WH Smiths. Sorry but cannot give more info.
Resetting the service indication - Micra - buzbee
Thanks for that. A trip to the local library could be fruitful.

Resetting the service indication - Micra - Stuartli
About six months ago I discovered, whilst messing around on google, the engine diagnositc software used by VAG's dealerships.

I did take a note of the website with the (half-hearted) intention of downloading it and trying it via a laptop on my VW just out of interest.

However, my Favourites files are so vast at the moment I can't find it.....:-(

But I'm sure a similar search will bring up such software for use with a Micra.
Resetting the service indication - Micra - buzbee
Stuartli: Following Dave's info., I put OBD2 into a search engine this a.m. (at a tech-club I was at) and that brought up a lot of info. But I have not yet had chance to look at it in detail.

Keep the info coming, thanks. It seems my inability to find info., was due to the EODB2 'word' being somewhat mixed up!
Resetting the service indication - Micra - buzbee
Sorry. Should have written Frogeye not Dave.
Resetting the service indication - Micra - Stuartli
Have a look at these:


Resetting the service indication - Micra - buzbee
Thanks for that. Since finding my OBD2 lettering was mixed-up I have been back to Google, and I found quite a lot including some Gendan stuff although I missed that Gendan one. 17 notes sounds good.

There is a more comprehensive one for £139 and some $200 US software to adapt a Palm to, apparently, do rather more diagnostics by having display graphs.

I also learnt that EOBD2 stands for European on-board diagnostics 2nd version and that a 16 pin DIL socket (presumably larger than an IC one) should be standard on all Euro petrol cars after 1st Jan 2001, although the connections to it have several variations according to the system used on the car.

It would be nice to be able to look for fault codes before putting a car in for a service, if nothing else. The 17 notes one would do. Or you can buy, or will be able to buy, something pretty useful for about the price of a service.


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