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Squarking Mondeo - Alan Wainwright
For some time I've been hearing a pronounced squark from the engine of my 97R 2litre Mondeo Ghia estate. At first, I noticed it when I'd just started the car and was turning in the drive - for this reason I thought it may be something to do with the power steering. Since then I've noticed it when the steering has not been on full lock, and occasionally on the open road. The engine does not appear to be suffering in any other respects. It has now done 65,000 miles. Anyone any ideas ? Thanks.
Re: Squarking Mondeo - Darcy Kitchin
Have you checked the belt tension on the power steering pump?
Re: Squarking Mondeo - Alan Wainwright
No, I haven't, but I will - thanks for the suggestion, Darcy.

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