Ladas are cool.... - Paul
Is that because they have no windows?

Re: Larders are cool.... - Peugeots are splendid
You are thinking of Larders dear chap, there is someone - he knows who he is that should be locked up in one !
peugeots are junk. - ladas are cool
my lada is one of the best cars i have ever owned, but thats only for the costs, size, etc. i have had it my austin A35, a ford classic, a mark 1 cortina, a mark 4 cortina, a ford orion, a vauxhall cavalier, a citroen bx, a volvo 340, then another citroen bx, a hyundai sonata, a lada riva, a lada niva, and finally another lada riva. the best car was the lada niva 4X4, as it was brilliant off road. but the worst car i ever had was a VW beetle (it rusted, BADLY)
Re: peugeots are junk. - Perodua Nippa better than Lada
... but only just!

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