the new fiesta's engines - joe
Ford have apparently dropped the 1.25 engine from the new fiesta. The entry level engine is now a 1.3. I've seen this being reported as an "all-new" engine but it sounds to me like the current fiesta's 1.3 engine albeit tarted up a bit. I had a 1.1 engined fiesta. It was extremely noisy and slow and basically the same engine that we had in a 1978 fiesta previously.

Anyone know about this 1.3 and why have they dropped the excellent 1.25 ?
Re: the new fiesta's engines - Andy
I have no idea why they have ditched the reportedly excellent Yamaha 1.25 unit in favour of an 'update' of the ancient, thrashy pushrod(!) 1.3 litre. They must have a reason, but I'm blowed if I can think of one.....
Re: the new fiesta's engines - Honest John
You're right. I got the press pack this morning and the 1.25 isn't in the line-up. I suspect that it had a problem meeting Euro 4 emissions standards.

Re: the new fiesta's engines - peter
If Ford are doing this I believe it is a big mistake. The 1.25 Fiesta compared with most of the similar small cars is MUCH better. ( I have had most of the competing Euro hire cars at one time or another over the past 2 years, (but not the 206 or New Nova). (I have had a 60k 1.25 P regn from new).

I had a 1.3 (current Fiesta) on loan on one occasion from a Ford dealer and from an engine point of view flexibility, performance, econ etc it was a pile of ......

To me the loan car was an opportunity for Ford to convert owners of larger cars in for servicing to a Fiesta for a second car. Giving out 1.3 just reinforced any preconceived (poor) image. The Service manager said he could not care about selling, he saw the loan cars as a cost and would use the cheapest cars he could get. Somebody should talk to Fords Marketing Dept, but thereagain, they dont listen, or is it they just dont reply.....
Re: the new fiesta's engines - Peugeots are splendid
£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ that is why ford will never appeal to the private buyer although the cars are sometimes mechanically superior the devil is in the detail, look at the VW golf compared to a Focus - the focus interior is a cheap hole. This engine in question dates back to the Anglia.
Re: the new fiesta's engines - John Slaughter
I'm sure I read somewhere a while back that Ford used the ancient pushrod 1.3 in the Ka because of some problem with the 1.25's ability to meet emission regulations. The fact it used the 1.3 always struck me as a damn good reason not to buy a Ka. It seems unbelievable that the modern 1.25 engine can't be used as I'm assuming the 1.4 is a very similar Zetec?


Re: the new fiesta's engines - Dave
Honest John wrote:
> You're right. I got the press pack this morning and the 1.25
> isn't in the line-up. I suspect that it had a problem meeting
> Euro 4 emissions standards.

How the hell can a brand new engine have worse emmisions than an engine designed in 1950's?

Are we sure the 1.25 engine hasn't been upped to 1.3 and renamed DuraTech? There's a 16v engine in the lineup. Can a 16v engine be OHV?

Logically they'd ditch the 'spanish engine' and keep the 1.25... Surely nobody would put a push rod engine making 60bhp in a modern car? (Except the Ka which is sold on it's cost and styling rather than it's modern performance.)
Re: the new fiesta's engines and faults - pugugly

Given the age of the 1.3 engine it should be pretty sorted (one would think). Anyway a friend of mine had a tappety noise in her 57k P reg Ka (Ford FSH). It was adjusted and became noisy again within a very few miles. Turned out that the "cam shaft" (yes I know I know) was knackered. Ford coughed up 75% of the resultant cost with very little argument and cited faulty manufacture on the resultant this a one off ??
Re: the new fiesta's engines - me
i think you'll find that they have a fully tooled up factory there sorted to make the old 1.3, and that particular factory will cost mega bucks to retool to more flexible manufacturing techniques - which is why they have been putting it off for ages... this was the same reason the engine went into the KA
Re: the new fiesta's engines - Richard Hall
The old Kent crossflow has to be one of the most successful engines of all time. I wouldn't want to drive a modern car fitted with it (although a Mk1 Escort Mexico is a different matter), but it's nice to know it's still around. They must be costing Ford about five quid a unit to make by now.
Re: the new fiesta's engines - TS
Wow, so we've got to put up with the crap old tappety pushrod thing that should never have been put in the Ka! No ta.
Re: the new fiesta's engines - Dan J
My old flatmate has a V plate Fester with this engine and it wasn't TOO bad, he also found that the courtesy Fester he had during service time (with the Yamaha 1.25 engine) drunk like a sailor.

Don't forget one important thing as well: These cars (Ka/Fiesta etc) do not get looked after properly by most owners (IMHO and site posters here excepted of course), especially when older and they are run "on the cheap" - Ford certainly won't be having reams of these cars having embarrassing cam belts snapping ala the Vauxhall Vectra. That pushrod engine will go on for 150k with oil changes few and far between - It might not be the fastest, most exciting or highly tuned engine, but it is certainly durable.

Still amazed that it got through and the 1.25 didn't - you'd have thought it'd be the other way around...
Re: the new fiesta's engines - Tadger
My wife has a 1.25 Zetec Fiesta, with about 5000 miles on the clock...

When I upchange, and revs drop to about 3k, there seems to be a very flatspot..which improves after 3.5k revs...

If I power through those revs in a lower gear, there seems to be less of a hesitancy...

At first I assumed this would clear after running-in, afetr 5000 miles its still the same...

Am I right in thinking, this is not normal for this engine, and I should take it to ford to get them to 'have a chat with the ECU' ???

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