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Citroen XM Diesel Filters - Jim Affleck
Does anyone know if there was a modification on Citroen diesels to replace the filter asembly and primer on the side of the battery housing.I have a 2.5TD XM which has had an inline Bosch filter fitted and the assembly removed.
This was done by a Citroen dealer but another doubts the move.
Car is a 1995 VSX estate and there are no problems with the inline arrangements.
Re: Citroen XM Diesel Filters - David W

Not an expert on the XM but was the old filter housing the one with the angled black priming button? These can fail leading to air leaks and bleeding problems, perhaps this happened and they changed it for another type.

I assume you have the in-line priming bulb like the Xantia now with a different filter setup.

This isn't rocket science so if it works it will be fine.

Re: Citroen XM Diesel Filters - Andy Bairsto
My 98 2.5 td has the bosch system ,I think they were modified in 96 and retrofitted under a call back

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